About Us

LeGallez Electric was founded prior to 1914 by Clayton B. LeGallez and was originally named the Clayton B. LeGallez Electrical Construction Co. The name was shortened to LeGallez Electric in the 1970s. Clayton LeGallez lived in Slingerlands and was an entrepreneur, a scientist, and a radio pioneer among other things.

Clayton and his wife, Wilda, had 3 daughters. Their middle daughter, Lois, married William (Bill) F. Bub in 1944. Bill began working for the company shortly after being discharged from the Army where he served during WWII. Clayton died in 1952 and Bill and Clayton's wife, Wilda LeGallez, continued the electrical business. Following Wilda's retirement, Bill and Lois ran the business for many years. They had 5 sons and their fourth son, Stephen (Steve) F. Bub continued in the family tradition by taking over the business in the 1980s. He and his wife, Maureen, continue running the business today.

The actual start date of the company is sometime before 1914 but that is the earliest bill that the company still has on record. This bill was for the wiring of lights in a house in Slingerlands for the staggering sum of $50.14. This bill was actually given back to the company as a memento, by the home owner, 60 years after the work was completed. She had kept it in her files all those years and well over half a century after Clayton wired her house, she was still a loyal customer of LeGallez Electric. The company has continued to flourish to this day with many loyal and long term customers such as her.

This continuously run, family, electrical business is the oldest family business in the town of Bethlehem and based on the advent of electrical service in the U.S., LeGallez Electric is one of the oldest, and might be the oldest continuously operated, family run electrical business in the country.